DMT-ARTS Works / DMT Work Collection [2019, SFM, DOA, Pokemon, Elizabeth, Bioshock, Soria, Police, Web-DL] [ENG] [SUB]

DMT-ARTS WORKS / Collection of DMT, 2019: 2019
Genre: SFM, Doa, Pokemon, Elizabeth, Bioshock, Soria, Police
Duration: 01:30:34
Language: English
Description: Hi, I Am Dmt, First of All Thank You Very Much for Visiting This Page. I’m Relatively New Uploading Content to Platforms Like Tumblr, But Since The End of 2015 I Started using Source Filmmaker (SFM) to Learn The Notions of Animation.
I Like Erotic Art, And Through Animation I CAN Contribute to IT. I Like Some Female Characters in Videogames and I Like to Fantasize About Erotic Situations That Are Not Shown in Videogames. Many People Think That This Type Of Content IS Offensive (Opinion That I Respect) But Perhaps They Only Need to See It With Another Perspective
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Video quality: Web-DL
Video format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1280×720, 11.4 MB / S, 60.000 FPS [123 ] Audio: AAC, 2 Channels, 48.0 KHz, 192 KB / S