FARY BIOOGRAPHY (Lovely Games Studio) [unken] [2022, SLG, Puzzle, Animation, Fantasy, Magical Girl] [Rus, Eng, Jap, Chi]

Year of release: 2022
Date of Release: 2022/05/26
Genre: SLG, PUZZLE, Animation, Fantasy, Magical Girl

Censorship: LAST
Developer/Publisher: Lovely Games Studio
Platform: PC/Windows
Type of edition: original (licensed)
Language of the game (plot): Multicipable
Language of the interface: multilingual
Language language: Japanese [Japanese language
123] System requirements (minimum): HDD 3 GB
Description: From sealed in ancient scrolls, a group of fairies fled. They do evil everywhere, and the world is in danger! As a keeper of scrolls to you, in order to ensure the safety of people, you must again seal them. Explain late, start immediately!

  • Fairy Biography