Hary, x-ray] [English]

Warped Desires – My Cuckoldry Fetish Breaks My Wife Shelly
\u0026#27498; \u0026#12435; \u0026#12384; \u0026#27442; \u0026#26395; \u0026#23517; \u0026#21462; \u0026#12425; \u0026#12379; \u0026#22971; \u0026#12471; \u0026#12455; \u0026#12522; \u0026#12540; –God release: 2022
Release date: 2022/05 /20 (original 2022/04/02)
Genre: JRPG, NTR/Netorase, Male Hero, Female Hero, Married, Corruption, Big Tits, Straight, Blowjob, Creampie, Touching, Hairy, X-Ray
Censorship: there is
developer/publisher: Tail Aki, Taihen Tsuma
Platform: PC/Windows
Type of edition: original (licensed)
tablet: not required
version: 1.0
Land Games (plot): English
interface language: English
Owner language: unknown/other
System requirements (minimal): OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10; CPU Intel Core2 Duo; GPU DirectX 9/Opengl 4.1 Capable;
Ram 2 Gb; HDD 1 GB; DirectX 9; 1280×768 description: Eddy Was The Proprietor of a Run-Down Tavern Living A Boring Life. That was Until He Met an Adventurer Named Shelly,
One Thing Led To Another, and the Two Tied the Knot. She was a Total Beauty, with Great Proportions to Boot. Surely, Eddy Was the Happiest
man in the world … yet deep down, a dark, Warped Desire Dwelled Within Eddy. And that happy Life Woup Soon Come Cracing Down …-