[HCG] Love \u0026#179;Toy, Small Breasts, Stockings]

Love \u0026#179; -Love cube- / love \u0026#179; \u0026#65293; \u0026#12521; \u0026#12532; \u0026#12461; \u0026#12517; \u0026#12540; \u0026#12502; \u0026#65293;
Author: Ishikei
Developer/Publisher: Neko Work H
The site of the publisher: https://nekowork.com/h/en/index.html[123-0 distribution: hcg
censorship: there is
genre: Big Breasts, Bikini , Bondage, Breast Feeding, Bukkake, Defloration, Hairy, Handjob, Harem, Huge, Breasts, Masturbation, Nakadashi, Paizuri, Pantyhose, Ponytail, Sex Toy, Small Breasts, Stockings
Количество страниц: 466
Формат: PNG +GIF
Description: Things Are Looking Grim for Down-on-His-Luck Adult Comics Artist, Ichinari Tsuzurgi.
He’s STREGGGGGLING to Even Ave-HISM .. His editor, Akira Higashibojo, who’s always looking out for him, offers him a position as an assistant to one of the top dogs in the adult comics industry!
Thinking of it as a last hurrah, Ichinari accepts. Lo and behold, said top dog turns out to be none other than Ichinari’s childhood friend, Iori Shitaka, with whom he made a childhood promise to become manga artists together.
Also working as an assistant is dojinshi artist of the moment Nodoka Amabane . Ichinari was her Senpai in manga club during high school, and taught her how to draw.
Shocked but elated at this unexpected reunion, they discover that a certain god has taken an interest in their wishes and blessed them with interconnecting \”Fates\” That Will Forever Change the Course of their Life.
And so Ichinari Finds Himself Working On Sexy Manga White of Women Whose Burgeoning Feelings Cantores … 123 Information: also in the distribution are Doujinshi and GIF in the game.
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