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Unionism quartet a3-day / \u0026#12518; \u0026#12491; \u0026#12458; \u0026#12522; \u0026#12474; \u0026#12512; \u0026#12539; \u0026#12459; \u0026#12523; \u0026#12486; \u0026#12483; \u0026#12488; A3-Days
Developer/Publisher: Clip \u0026#9734; Craft
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genre: fantasy, knight, school, teachers, maids, bikini, kimono, big tits, anal, blackjob, titsjob, footjob, harem, pantyhose.
Number of pages: 1442
Format: PNG
Description: TURNS Into A Duel Competition Faders Ritual Duel Feud Was Born in the Middle Ages Unaewares Enthusiasm in The3 Akito of knight students overlaying the day-to-day training to become a knight, along with Yurina Princesses
Participate in large duel Festival Val talk fader to be held once in four years in the knight training school.
Akito who challenge the formidable people, began to grow beyond the fierce battle confronting is,
Battle of the end won the victory of stunning large duel Festival Val talk fader.
Two months from the end of a large duel Festival V al Talk fader –
Usual Akito who had returned to school life, had sent the day-to-day study and himself a trained knight to become of training.
Then, while spend is not a fight dressed everyday as large duel Festival Val talk fader,
\”Battle of love over Akito\” Heroines by that love has sprouted to Akito was also followed!
Among the day-to-day, each of thought strikes, knight training school will greet the new season.
School retreat, such as \”the promotion of a knight\” \”Gakuen residual\” \”Gakuen expulsion\” for knight candidates is determined – In the middle of the period, promotion festival promotion test.
All in the promotion festival that takes place in the individual competition, Akito is decided to participate in order to try whether to Spoken his power is far.
During, big event that the champion had given rise to great \”opportunity\”.
One Day, it Takes a Summons from \”Gakuen Length\” of Knight Training School on the Basis of Akito Us.
The Demui was a Head, Two Strangers Girl Knight Students Was Waiting for ….
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