Hot Sand of Antarctica [Inprogress, 0.04] ( [unken] [2021, ADV, 3DCG, MALE Protagonist, Animation, Sci-Fi, Ana Sex, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex][rus+English]

Hot Sand of Antarctica/Hot Sand of the Antarctic
year of release: 2021
Date of Release: 2022/04/11
Genre: Adv, 3DCG, MALE PROTAGONIST, Animation, Sci-FI, ANAL SEX, Oral Sex, Vaginal SEX
Censorship: absent/there is a patch for deleting
Developer/Publisher: ° Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: in development
Tablet: not required
version: 0.04
Language of the game (plot): Russian+English
interface language: Russian+English
The language of voice acting: unknown/ other
System requirements (minimal): OS : Windows, Mac, Android; HDD: 1.31 GB
Description: As a result of a global cataclysm on Earth, a sharp increase in temperature occurs. The remnants of civilization are grouped in Antarctica, where one can still exist, without fear of dying from the heat. Power in the new world is seized by criminal lords. Each of them holds power on its territory, establishing their own laws. The hero of the game is the right hand of one of these \”bosses\” nicknamed \”Mongol\”. He protects the lands of the Mongol from spies and saboteurs, fighting in dangerous battles. As a reward for devotion, the boss gives him a unique right – to have two wives in the harem. In addition to wives, GG has two more charming daughters who really love their father very much) the number of wives is unlimited for the Mongol himself) The main character is at the epicenter of events that can lead to a sharp change in the balance of forces for the remnants of civilization.
additional . Information: The game was made under the obvious influence of Desert Stalker –\u003d2812433. #123-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-23-00. The hero has his harem, two charming daughters, which in the future can replenish a harem) and of course some events that can change the picture to the world, and they are involved in gg.
Differences from Desert Stalker – a Russian -speaking developer, respectively, promptly living Russian) Well, in addition, a more consistent story is told, without any meaningful branches to nowhere, as in DS. Content, respectively, is twice as long. The level of cruelty is also not as much as in Stalker. There is an opportunity to play a conventionally good/bad/neutral. Although so far it does not affect much.
Incest Patch in the distribution. Although so far there is no sex content with daughters. The rest, however, the GG frying how much in vain)