Mahou Shoujo Noble Rose The Animation / 魔法少女ノーブル・ローズ THE ANIMATION (Araki Hideki, Anime Antenna Iinkai, NoFuture) (ep. 1 of ?) [cen] [2023, mahou shojo, tentacle, rape, virgin, oral, futanari, creampie, WEB-DL] [jap] [720p]

Mahou Shoujo Noble Rose The Animation :ep. 1 of ?
Duration: 17mn
Censored: Applied to all files
Voice acting: Japanese original
Director: Araki Hideki
Original by: 端音乱希
Studio: Anime Antenna Iinkai, NoFuture
Description: The girl became a magical girl to protect her loved ones, but… Her innocent body is mercilessly trampled by her tentacles!
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Video quality: WEB-DL
Video resolution: 720p
Video format: MKV
Video: 1280-720, 16-9, 23.976 fps, AVC, 7419 kbps
Audio: jpn, AAC, Stereo, 48.0 KHz, 202 kbps