Life in Santa County / Life in the Object Oblast County: 2021
Date of Release: 2023-02-20-gangs:
3D, 3DCG, ADV, Animation, Romance, School, InceSt, Milf, Lesbian,
Handjob, Blowjob, Vaginal, Anaal, Creampie, Domination, Male Hero Consulture: There is no
Developer/Publisher: Boldbash
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: Under development
Medicine: not required [123123] Version: v0.7.2
Language of the game (plot): Russian + English
interface language: Russian + English
voice acting language: unknown/ other
System requirements: OS: Windows;CPU: 1GHZ;RAM: 2GB;HDD 9GB description:
Santa district … A symbol of prosperity and tranquility.But what if this is actually not so?The young guy living in the area
where everything seems so mundane and simple, discovers a gloomy and vicious lifestyle, hiding inside.Become
a witness to all the shocks that he has to survive, and the great changes that he will carry out.In this city there is
only one rule.Not trustednobody …-