Original Video Romance Animation / (鳥谷陽一郎) (ep. 1 of 2) [cen] [1984, romance, classic, straight, MPEG] [jap] [480p]

-Original Video Romance Animation
Released: 1984
Genre: romance, classic, straight
Series: ep. 1 of 2
Duration: 24mn
Censored: Available in all files
Voice acting: Japanese original
Original author: 灘一夫
Director: 鳥谷陽一郎
Studio : レッツ, 森藤吉
Description: One of the first erotic OVAs. Released in 1984 by Let’s. The characters were based on famous Japanese singers of the time: Seiko Matsuda (Vol. 1) and Akina Nakamori (Vol. 2).
Video quality: VHSrip
Video resolution: 480p
Video format: MPEG
Video: 720-480, 4-3, 29.97 fps, MPEG-2, 7554 kbps
Audio: jpn, MPEG-2, Stereo, 48.0 KHz, 224 kbps