[Rus, English, Jap, Multi]

Nun, monsters, unity
Censorship: no
developer/publisher: OTTERSIDE Games/Critical Bliss
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication type: in the development of
Medicine: 123] Version: 123] Version: 123]1.2.2
Language of the game (plot): multilingual/Russian/English
interface language: multilingual/Russian/English
voice acting language: unknown/other
System requirements:
OS: Windows 7
CPU: AMD Athlon
DirectX 9.0c
HDD: 500 MB description:
Scarlet Maiden-depraved pungar in fantasy setting.History tells that once in ancient times the Order of Fiery Girls was able to defeat and imprison the original evil in the depths of the dungeon of the abbey of sin.For centuries passed, and the seals weakened.The darkness again moves in the depths of the Dange and now the last warrior will have to go down to the darkest stupidBina to fight adversaries and bring light.This is not so simple, because the journey is full of dangers, traps and preoccupied enemies, which are represented in the form of perverted vampires, embittered orch and seductive elves.Each passage will be unique due to the procedural generation of the area.This means that enemies, lutus and obstacles will be absolutely random at every race.Information:
Scarlet Maiden stands out against the background of many erotic projects with its genre.This is not a dating simulator or a visual short story, but an action-platform with a side of the sovereign and elements of a skewer.He has two -dimensional pixel graphics in the cartoon style, which is responsible for the Unity engine.