SHALE HILL Secrets [InProgress, V.0.4.8 Bugfix Rus / V.0.6.4C Episode 6 Eng] (Love-Joint) [Unken] [2021, ADV, Animation, 3DCG, MALE Protagonist, Oral, POV, ROMANCE, SCHOOLOLsetting, vaginal, voyeurism] [rus+English]

Genre: ADV, Animation, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Oral, POV, Romance, School Setting, Vaginal, Voyeurism
Crucifier: LOak up/is there is a patch for removal
Developer/Publisher: .4c episode 6 English
Language of the game (plot): Russian+English
Interface language: Russian+English
The voice acting language: unknown / other-system requirements (minimal):
OC: Win 7 / Win 7 / 8 /10
CPU: Intel Celeron
Ram: 4GB
Vram: 2GB
DirectX 11 \u0026#8593; Celebration: SHALE HILL SECRETS game events talk about a guy that He stumbles for great power – he sees the personal life of people. He uses it to help others, but also uses it to develop personal relations with people who, otherwise, would be difficult. The deeper he plunges into a rabbit hole, the greater the likelihood that he will encounter real forces who perform his fate and fate of his fellow students.
Shale Hill Secrets is About a Guy Who Stumbles Upon Del of Power – He Sees Into People’s Private Lives. He Uses Its to Help Others But Alsoi Uses It Develop Personal Relationships with Peole That Would’ve Difficult Otherwide. The Deeper He Goes Down The Rabbit Hole, The More Likely He is to Encounter The Real Powers that Puppeter His Fate and Those of His Classmates.