The Teacher’s Law [1.0] (Babus Games) [unceen] [2018, Adv, Oral, Vaginal, Lesbians, Group, Rape] [Eng]

The Teacher’s Law/Teacher Law Release: 2018
Genre: ADV, Oral, Vaginal, Lesbians, Group, Rape
Censorship: there is no patch for deleting
Developer/Publisher: Babus Games
Platform: PC/Windows
type of edition: original (licensed)
medicine: not required
version: 1.0
Language of the game (plot): English
Language language: English
Voice: unknown/ other
System requirements: OS: Win 10;HDD: 150 MB
Description: what if the teachers, according to the law, had to fuck their best students?This is your first day at school, after the summer.You live with your aunt Ayama and Kuzina Hikari.Follow the plot and make the right decisions.