\u0026#12429; \u0026#12426; \u0026#12405; \u0026#12361; \u0026#12392;/ Shoujo Photo [1.1.0] (Glass-Telier) [unceen] [2021, Animation, Oral, Vaginal, Ana, Young, Unity] [Multi]

\u0026#12429; \u0026#12426; \u0026#12405; \u0026#12361; \u0026#12392; /Shoujo Photo
year of release: 2021
Date of Release: 2021/06/29
Genre: Animation, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Young, Unity
Censorship: LOak up/There is a patch [123 ] Developer/Publisher: Glass-Telier
Platform: PC/Windows
type of edition: original (licensed)
medicine: not required
version: 1.1.0
Language of the game (plot): Multicipable
interface language: multilingual
voice acting language: unknown/ other
System requirements: OS: Windows 7, HDD: 400MB
Description: You met “Lori-chan” in a park.
“Lori-chan” is Very Friendly and Full of Gaps.
When I took a Picture with my My Smartphone, It Seems that “Lori-chan” isnat tooo Bad.
for the Time Being, Take It To To To TO The Back of the Park Tilet and Make a Little Radical Request …
additional. Information: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/\u003d/product_id/rj333131.html