Witch Hunter Trainer [Inprogress, Worms and Dwarfes 1 (June 2022)] (Team Borsch) [Unken] [2017, ADV, MALE Protagonist, Animation, Adventure, Tranormal, Pranormal, Prostens

Witch Hunter Trainer/Witch Hunter

year of release: 2017
Date of Release: 2022/04/05
Genre: Adv, Male Protagonist, Animation, Adventure, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Oral Sex, Oral Sex Paranormal, Prostition
Censorship: absent/eating a patch for deleting
Developer/Publisher: Team Borsch
Platform: PC/Windows
type of publication: in the development of
tablet: not required
: Worms and Dwarfes 1 (June 2022)
Language of the game (plot): Russian + English
Interface language: Russian + English
Owner language: absent

System requirements (minimal):
\u0026#9679; OS: Win
\u0026#9679; HDD: 2.5 GB

And how to create a high-quality novel-toe for adults? Take an ambitious young, perhaps even a slightly arrogant heroine (what can a person do when young?) With some interesting sexual features. Give her a patient and a wise mentor who is not without his personal problems, inclinations and passions. Season it with a pound of disorder, add half of the Pint of humor. And finally, place it to cook over low heat in a city full of supernatural secrets, in a city braided by a web of intrigue, immersed in vices permeated corruption and smog.
Take an Ambitious Young, Possibly Even a bit arrogant, Heroine (What can a man do you young?) With some Interesting Sexual Kinks. Give Her A Patient and Wise Mentor, Who is not Void of His Own Personal Problems, InClinations and Passions. Spice It Up with A Pound of Promiscuity, Add a Half-Pint of Humor. And Finally Place it to Simmer on the Low Heat in the City Full of Supernatural Mysteries, in the City Braided with Web of Intrigue, Sunk in Vice, Riddled with Corruption And Smog Boud. That’s How You Create a Quality Novella-Game for Adults.

additional. Information:
Adaptation of the Russian version: Rouzenrot Another distribution on the tracker was not updated for more than a year, the author of the distribution also had not entered the forum for a long time.