XL上司. / XL Joushi. / XL Boss (Noshitani Mitsutaka, Kani Itou, Magic Bus, Picante Circus, Suiseisha) (EP 01-08 of 08) [cen] [2019, straight, big breast, condom, romance, BDRemux] [jap / rus] [1080p ]

XL上司. / XL Joushi. / XL Boss / Boss with a large size
Year of release: 2019
Genre: straight, big breast, condom, romance
Episodes: EP 01-08 of 08
Duration: 7min x 8EP
Censorship: Available in all files
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Subtitles: Built-in switchable ASS/SSA
Language: Russian
Voice: Amateur (two-voice) [AniStar] external
Director: Noshitani Mitsutaka
Original author: Kani Itou
Studio: Magic Bus, Picante Circus, Suiseisha
Description: With the hopes of making a bit of extra cash, office worker Saki Watase registers for a product review program. But when the first product her new part-time job sends her is a huge box of XL condoms, Saki decides to put the task to the side.
Later on, while at a drinking party with her coworkers—including her competent but infuriating “demon boss” Keisuke Sudou—Saki ends up drunk out of her mind, so Keisuke offers to escort her home. Upon their arrivall at Saki’s apartment, however, Keisuke immediately takes notice of his subordinate’s substantial number of XL condoms. When she explains the circumstances of her part-time job, Keisuke offers to help out with the testing—revealing himself to be XL-sized!
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English & Spanish FanSubbed By: [MH] (PGS)
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Russian amateur (two voices) [ AniStar] external
Subtitles : Russian [Helshi] external ASS
Subtitles : Spanish [AormeSubs] external ASS
Subtitles : Chinese external ASS
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Video quality: BDRemux [DiabloTripleA]
Video resolution: 1080p
Video format: MKV
Video: 1920×1080, AVC, 16:9, 23.976FPS, 20.9 Mb/s, 8 bits
Audio 1: Japanese, PCM , 48.0 kHz, 1536 kb/s
Audio 2: Russian, AAC, 48.0 kHz, 188 kb/s, Stereo