Y369.1 Mbstshbara Manga Yujaev Yuzap, ENG, River

Country: Japan
Genre and Info: Distribution contains 13 folders. Some are divided into subsections. All material is a black and white manga bar and contains a sexual scene between 2 abrupt men (mainly), teenagers or senior with younger.
(JP) – Japanese
(EN) – English [ 123] (RU) – Russian
Format: JPEG, PNG
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Manga – Japanese comics, sometimes called comic. Manga has deep roots in early Japanese art. In Japan, manga is read by people of all ages, it is respectable and as a form of fine art, and as a literary phenomenon, therefore there are many works of various genres and for a wide variety of topics.
Almost all manga is drawn and published black and white. ArtistIK draws manga, called Mangaka, often he is also the author of the script. If the script does a separate person takes on a separate person, then such a screenwriter is called a gansaka (or, more precisely, manga-gansat).
The basis of the classification of manga (in any format) is the floor of the target audience, so the publication for young people and girls are usually easy They differ in the cover and are located on different shelves of the bookstore.
Yoi – manga / hentai genre that illustrates homosexual relationships between men. Yoi usually shows the young men of an indefinite sex. Sophisticated, women’s “beautiful boys” with elegant features of the face. They are also called Bishōnen.
Another kind of yoy will sharpen attention to “beautiful men” (Biseinen), which, unlike Bishōnen, are menAmi and behave like men.
A less common and very rarely found in the non-Japanese culture of a manga bar shows big, often very muscular men with a hairy body (still known as “bears” in gay pornography) and older men – oyaji (“Father” or “Man”).
Jao often extends beyond the sexual topic of hentai reflecting in the genre. Although it is worth noting that the yoi and bar are different from SHōnen-Ai (“Youth Platonic Love”) where 2 young people express their feelings without having sex.
The girls considering the comics of Yoi are called “Fujoshi”, “spoiled girl” Since Yoi, and especially the bar that make men mangaks, originally designed purely for the male audience.