Y6.62 GBCHOTSKOT: DECEMS WALTS SURAYA SURE, INPROGRESSING (THEAMKRAT) YUSENISTS YU2019, RHRPG, ZD, Aktion, ADV, Fantasy, Oral, Demon, Monster, Unreal Energine 4CH Yuyapshch

ASCOT: Demon’s Waltzye Release: 2019
Renewal date: 2020/01/16
Genre: JRPG, 3D, Action, Adv, Fantasy, Oral, Demon, Monster
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher : Teamkrama
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In Development
Tabletka: Not required
Version: 0.15
Game Language: Japanese
Interface Language: English
Voice Language : Japanese
System Requirements (Minimum):
:: CPU PENTIUM®4 2.5GHZ :: RAM 8GB ::
:: DirectX 10 :: HDD 8GB ::
Description: Ascot received the power of the Dark The sides after she witnessed the murder of her sister by a soldier named Verder. Then the soldier cut off the hand of Ascota and tortured her for information about the magic of her family, when Ascot refused, Verder burned her alive at a fire. The demon, however, interceded and completely restored TEgo Ascota, and also provided it with the power of the dark side. It opened the opportunity to quench her hatred and satisfy her thirst for revenge. So now she is going to search for a wizard, interacting with others, joining the fight against lovers and creating unions and enemies with various fractions.
Extras. Information:
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