[2.15 GB] Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude / Larry adherents: Cum with honors (High Voltage Software) [UNCEN] [2004, Adv, SLG, 3D, 3RD PERSON] [RUS]

Larry adventures: Cum with honors \ Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
Year of release: 2004
Genre: Adv, SLG, 3D, 3RD Person
Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: Soft Club 123] Publication Type: License
Interface Language: Only Russian
Tabletka: Present
System requirements:
Minimum requirements
Pentium III processor, AMD Athlon 800 MHz or similar
128 MB of operational Memory (256 MB for Windows 2000 / XP)
NVIDIA GeForce video card, ATI Radeon or 32 MB of video memory, hardware geometric coprocessor and driver compatible with DirectX® 9.0b (or later version)
1.5 GB of free space on hard disk
24-speed CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Recommended requirements
Windows XP
percentEssor Pentium® 4, AMD® Athlon ™ XP 1.5 GHz or more fast
256 or more MB of RAM
AGP video card with 128 MB of video memory
It seems that the latest adventures Larry Laffra are over Only yesterday. Musting to laugh to colic in the stomach incendiary humor of the series still fresh in memory, but almost 10 years have passed! The gentleman at the most dawn forces is frequently sought horizontal location of the best beauties. Larry always won everywhere with hundreds of cuties, but in order to succeed to him, literally, had to turn the mountains. Since 1987, he “starred” in more than ten games of various genres …
The road is young! Before you, new, disassembled, merry and most frank adventures of the Leisure Suit Larry18 + series. Uncle Larry went on peace and in the mainRoles are now stupid, funny and, of course, an extremely concerned nephew Laffer – Larry Lavage.
This is a college, baby! Take a look at the student life of America through the eyes of a charming and arrogant hero, in the head of which thought only about the opposite field.
Around the real Malinik! Choose to taste – a quiet “zubrila” (in the still waters of devils), a Swedish beauty on the milk of alpine cows (of course, with a huge bust), temperamental, but not stuck for a second Italian, a girl in black latex with a Sado Mazo inclinations etc. In short, there is something to do!
Tusovka is not childish! Hospitality, campus, bars, kabaki, clubs, gay clubs (do not forget to wear steel pants!), Cozy places for dates, etc. Just 25 different areas with their shasky forKeeping and crumbs, ready to jump into bed first oncoming … But, hell, why not to Larry?!
90 thousand words in the dialogues. Talking will be far from animals, but after communication with the virtual girls you will feel like after viewing the most interesting moments of the TV show “Discovery”. There is something to tell, there is something to ask. Only without rudeness! But the salilities – as much as you like.
12 types of logical and entertainment mini-games. Girls love clever girls. Show your abilities, and there to the easy (or heavy) striptease nearby!
Wearing a lot of jokes, the sea of ​​comic situations. Seduce the girls with humor! The more tasks are decided – the greater the chances, the more money, the more frankly behave their own.
without bills! Unlike the American, in this version of the gameAbsolutely absent censorship. You can see absolutely everything. Absolutely.