[2.84 GB] Artificial Girl 3 / MODS (Illusion & Community) [2012, MODS, Add-on] [RUS + ENG]

Artificial Girl 3 / 人工 少女 3 / Fashion
Year of Release: 2008-2012
Genre: MOD, Add-on
Developer / Publisher: Illusion & Community (Hong Fire, Dilldoe etc)
Edition type : Unofficial
Interface Language: Russian + English
System Requirements: Free Place on Hard Drive: 10+ GB
Collection of mods, clothes, characters and textures.
Collections of the author I I combined into one mod (clothes and textures).
This is the largest and full collection of collected from all distributions on the forum + a lot from English. Forums.
Do not look for certain clothing in mods, most of it is transferred to the general archive [MegaPack3].
For unpacking, use 7zip
[AG3] [MegaPack3] [CHARACTSERS] [Costumes] [Textures] .7z – unpack in G: \ Games \ AG3 \ DATA
[AG3] [All-in -one] [LaunchER + SUB] [Fullrus] .7z – unpack in G: \ Games \ Ag3
illusion_wizzard_v0520.zip – Unpack in G: \ Games \ Ag3 \ illusion_wizzard_v0520
MODS folder – Copy in G: \ Games \ AG3 \ Illusion_wizzard_v0520 \ AG3 (Installation only via “Illusion Wizzard”)
Possible errors:
If you do not install any mod via Illusion Wizzard, most likely it is already in the game.
100% performance of any fashion is guaranteed Only when installing on a clean game.
[AG3] [Megapack3] [Characters] [Costumes] [Textures] – desirable to unpack without replacement