[474 MB] Shion – Cruel Magical Angel / Shion ~ Zankokuna Mahou No Tenshi ~ / Shion – Brutal Angel [CEN] [2007, VN, Tentacle, Rape] [JAP / ENG]

Shion ~ Zankokuna Mahou No Tenshi ~ / Shion – Cruel Magical Angel / ~ ~ 残酷 な 魔法 の の 天使 ~ / Shion – Cruel Angel
Year of production: 2007
Genre: VN, Tentacle, Rape
censorship : Yes
Developer: Lilith Mist.
Publisher: Lilith-Soft
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: DL VER.
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese and sound in this language (original))
Language: English (text translation)
Interface language: Japanese / English
System Requirements: WinME / 2000 / XP, PentiumIII 500 MHz, DirectX: 7.0, HDD: 500 MB
Description: You are still ….. Alive!?
The girl in an angel costume appeared in front of me, who is she? She silently looks at me. Despite her funny clothes, her glance is very angry. My life has changed cool after meeting with the beauty of the shion that was tryingme ….
-dop. Information: Developer’s website: Lilith-Soft
Walkthrough (JAP)
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