[1.04 GB] Lunatic Night / Madless Night (Kogure Teruo, Green Bunny, Knack) (EP. 1-3 of 3) [UNCEN] [1996-1997, Comedy, Fantasy, Juujin, Magic, Parody, Neko, DVDRip ] [JAP / ENG / GER (3) / RUS]

Lunatic Night
Mad Night
Year of release: 1996-1997
Country: Japan
Genre: Comedy, Scifi, Fantasy, Harem, Animal Girls
Duration: 3 series of 30 min
Translation: English dubbing for the first two series and built-in (disabled) subtitles for all series, external (SRT) German subtitles for the third series
Russian subtitles: there is for all three episodes; Srt; List of translators
censorship: no
Director: Kogure TERUO
Original author: MII Akira
Studio: Green Bunny, Knack
Description in Russian: No, no, yes, and you will say that Taki, the Japanese know how to parody themselves loved ones, so that, not only their own, but also the guys “for the hill” understood. And make fun of your favorite cartoons, the animators of the country of the rising Sun love like any of the people of their profession.
Parody of this or anotherThe work, what is there, whole anime genres, will meet, almost in every second film or the series. Less often you can see the parodies for hentai, well, something like “Eiken” or “Green Green”, but hentai films paroding all hentai, as a genre, and then everything else, it is really an exception that come across rarely, but Taki come across. Here is one of these exceptions and there is “Lunatic Night”.
OVA itself consists of three parts, telling about the difficult work to restore his race, while in parallel to save some kind of “Pikach” and the whole world, using total destruction. All this is performed by Kanzaki’s guy, the former Atlanta, ex-destroyer of Atlantis, and his three sexually concerned, but the faithful girlfriends-goddess. He also opposes his personality is not ordinary. No less concernedFetishist, and just a former friend – Mitsuki, of course, with his handicraft.
, the steb begins with the first frames, and further in the increasing. It got both girls with tails and ears, and geishams, and sweepers, and notorious awkles and so on. And of course went through “Sailor Moon”, well, without “girlfriends” in the sailors just neither. Of course, the authors did not forget about other aspects of anime, starting with the Apocalypse of the world and ending with the disassembling of robots with their super-duper “trunks”. As a result, hentai and bullying over everything and all will continue throughout all three series OVA stopping only for the next sexual act or the next stead over something. world-art.ru
Series 1-2
Quality: DVDRip
Format: OGM
Video: 640×480 4: 3 23.976 FPS XVID (1486 (EP.1) 1206 (EP. 2) KBIT / s)
AudiO 1: English 2.0 STEREO MP3 CBR (128 Kbit / S)
Audio 2: Japanese 2.0 STEREO MP3 CBR (128 Kbit / S)
Subitle: English Soft Unsted Subs (SRT)