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Artist Kovacq. Sale comics-language: Russian, English, French
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Topic: Hand drawn erotic
Quantity: 10 comics, 313 files
Resolution: 1300×1800, 1000×1400 (more specifically indicated in the comic list) [ 123] About the author: Kovacq Hanz (real name: Bernard Dufosse)
(born 06/1936, France) Bernard Dufosse began his career in the advertising business, having received an education in the field of applied graphics in Paris. In 1965, he began working on Bonne Presse publishing house (later Bayard). There was a comic TV series ‘Nathalie’, which he continued until 1974 in Lisette Dufosse is presented with several comics, scripts for which are created by the authors such as GENDRON, GUY Hempay and Henriette Robitallie.
In 1966, Dufosse began to cooperate with publicationFleurus Tel House. There he prepared various illustrations and short drawn stories for Fripounet (‘Cap’tain Furybon’), J2 Magazine (‘Valentine’, ‘Les Prisonniers De L’Espace’) and Formule 1 (‘Frank et Drago’, ‘Anna et Cie . ‘).
In 1976, Dufosse created a series of science fiction comics’ Memory’ (Jean-Marie Nadaud script). Two years later, he began ‘Tarhn, Prince des Etoiles’ – for this comic series he prepared both graphics and script. This work was continued in Triolo (1981 – 1986).
Since 1972 Dufosse drew different comics (Saint-Michel scenarios) for African journals Kouakou and Calao, as well as for several diaries. Some of these works were later published in the collections (‘Passe Croisee’, ‘La Balde Africaine’, ‘Les Deux Princes’,’ AKA etc. In addition, he illustrated advertising comics and magazines for teenagers. In 1995, Comic ‘Les Sanguinaires’ was created in collaboration with the writer Patrick Cothias for the Glenat publishing house.
In 1999, the author appealed to the genre of erotic comic, and, under the pseudonym Kovacq, created comics’ Hilda’ (1999) and ‘Diane de Grand Lieu ‘(2003), both lowered International Press Magazine.- –