[143.9 MB] [COMIX] The Empress Chronicles / Chronicles of Empress (Captaintrips, Digitalempress.com) [Uncen] [3DCG, Monsters, Straight, Oral, Lesbians] [ENG, JPG]

The Empress Chronicles / Chronicles of the Empress
Author: CaptaintRips
Publisher Website: www.digitalempress.com/styld/[123 Dressing Distribution: COMIX
Censorship: None
Genre: 3DCG, Monsters, Straight, Oral, Lesbians
Language: English
Page Resolution: 612×792
Number of pages: ~ 1450 (11 comics)
Format: JPG
Description: Comic Series about Akanta – Empress Vermina. Palace intrigues and cruel battles, vigorous traitors and faithful friends, powerful wizards and dangerous monsters and all this in the fantasy antines of medieval Europe.
Extras. Information: We continue the subject of the girl and monsters, even this time, the monsters in the series is not the first role, unlike comics from my first handpacked (the list below under the spoiler). But by this series there was a requestIt is impossible. By the author, a stunning ability to transfer real emotions in the static pictures on the faces of the girls. For one thing, it is possible to forgive him and the little size of the pages and quite tangled, for a person poorly knowledgeable English, the plot.