[2.12 GB] Touki Ryoujoku / Tatakau Heroine Ryoujoku Anthology Tukiryoujoku [2004-2008] [vol.1-37] [Cen] [Tentacles, Fantasy, Rape] [jap]

Tokiryoujoku. Collection of hentai magazines
Description: Distribution type: Manga
Format: JPG
Language: Japanese
Topics: Hentai, Tentacles, Fantasy, Rape
Quantity: 37 logs, just ~ 6350 pp.
Description :: Tokiryoujoku hentai-magazine collection. The subject of the magazine completely copies Unreal, even there are several common mangac. Actually, I do not even know how you can describe the magazine, except for a copy-paste with Unreal.
Oh yes, the magazine is completed, everything has been 37 numbers, but it has in some way to continue: Slave Heroines, which will be posted later
Censorship: present