[2.2 GB] [COMIX] Sheath and Knife by Harmarist / Knife and Scabble – Comic Translation Harmarist (Harmarist, Uncle Vova) [Yiff, Gay, Furnry, Cub, Incest] [ENG / RUS]

Sheath and Knife by Harmarist / Knife and sheath – comic translation HARMARIST
Author: Harmarist
Translator: Uncle Vova
Publisher Website: https://gumroad.com/harmarist[1123 Dressing Distribution: COMIX [123 ] Genre: Yiff, Gay, Furry, Cub, Intest
Language: English, Russian
Page Resolution: from 1063×1500 to 2150×3035 (differs from chapter to chapter)
Number of pages: 241 + Bonus
Format : Jpg, PNG
Description: Comic tells about the sexual relationship of the anthropomorphic wolf with his younger brother. Translation + Original in English.
Extras. Information: Fuses: Gay Porn, Furri, Incest, Babon (Sötacon).
If you categorically do not like something from the above, please pass by. Do not say that I did not warn.
Page of the author: https://inkbunny.net/harmarist[123Translator: VK (point) com / comixrusdiadiavova