[2.58 GB] La Blue Girl / Injuu Gakuen / Blue Girl (Kan Fukumoto, Maeda Toshio / Daiei Eizou / Anime 18 / Central Park Media) (EP 1-6 of 6) [UNCEN] [1992, Fantasy, Rape, Demons, Tentacles, School, Action, Adventure, DVDRip] [JAP / ENG / RUS]

La Blue Girl
Injuu Gakuen
淫獣 La Blue Girl
Blue Girl
Year of production: 1992
Country: Japan
Genre: Fantasy, Rape, Demons, Tentacles, School , Action, Adventure
series: EP 1-6 of 6
Duration: 6 episodes of 40-50 minutes
Censorship: None
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Language: English
Voice: Professional (full duplication)
Subtitles: Built-in disabled ASS / SSA
Language: Russian
Subtitles: External SRT
Director: Kan Fukumoto / Raizo Kitazawa
Studio: Maeda Toshio / Daiei Eizou / Anime 18 / Central Park Media
It all started a century ago when Ninja clan concluded a truce with the underground kingdom. But now, after a long world, the inhabitants of the underground kingdom are aboutThere is a new ruler. In Ninju, Miko Mido suddenly laid a family business: to watch that sexually concerned Sikim did not bother with people. But when the rival clan stole a stamp, which symbolized this demonic deal, Miko and her sister Miu became a sexy goal of the most dangerous race of perverts, which ever existed on Earth. What can a girl do? Fight, using all its martial art and sexy magic.
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