[2.63 GB] Cool Devices / Yellow Star / Cool Stuffs / Yellow Star (Hiroyuki Utatane, Leed Publishing Co., Ltd.) (Ep. 7 of 11) [Cen] [1996, Violence, Love, Revenge, DVD5] [JAP ]

-Cool Devices Ep. 7 / Yellow Star / イエロー · スター / クールディ バイシス シリーズ
Year of release: 1996
Genre: Violence, Love, Revenge
Series: EP. 7 of 11
Duration: 30 min
Censorship: There are in all files
Language: Japanese
Voice: Original
Director: Hiroyuki UTATANE
Original Work: Utatane Hiroyuki
Company : Leed Publishing Co., Ltd.
Good Animation.
by from https://www.suruga-ya.jp/product/detail/128000354001[128000354001[123[I DID TWO 800DPI Scans for The Cover and the Disc.
IT’s Cool Devices 07
Video Quality: DVD5
Video Format: DVD Video
Video: 480p, MPG2,4: 3,29.97,9411kbps
Audio 1: JP, AC-3,48000Hz, 192Kbps