[228.5 MB] Netorare Byou / Curl Disease (Elle-Murakami) [CEN] [2012, NTR, Pregnant, Rape, Sleep, Mind Break, Group] [jap]

Netorare byou
寝取 られ 病 ~ ~ 愛 する 妻 が 俺 以外 の 男 男 出し 出し 出し さ れ ない と 助から ない 奇病 に 出し なっ ~ ~
Cutting Curon-Year of Release: 2012
Release Date: 2012/08/31 [ 123] Genre: NTR, Pregnant, Rape, Sleep, Mind Break, Group
Censorship: There are in the game (games) distribution
Developer / Publisher: Elle-Murakami
Platform: PC / Windows
Type Editions: License
Tabletka: Not required
Language of the game: Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Language: Japanese
System Requirements:
WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
CPU: Pentium3 1GHz
Memory: 512MB
HDD: 1GB Description: When “A Collapse Beloved Person Gave The Inside to a man Except You sudenly, and Happy Every Day Was Not Done, Were Not Able to Live.” Were Shiro Who I Just Married, And Was On The Top of the Happiness, One Day The Chihiro of the Wife Falls MysteriousRare Disease. IS SAID THAT THE PROLONGATION OF HUMAN LIFE METHOD IS ONLY KOTO TAKING IN THE SPERM OF A PERSON MEETING A CONDITION TO A BODY DIRECTLY. Days Such As The Hell Began for Two People Who Loved …….
The Rare Type of the Blood Type of the Wife Chihiro IS Different From You. In Oter Words IT IS A Man Except You Tat I Can Save Chihiro in Creampie. The Chihiro Which I Was Not Able to Live for If Were Not Embracd by Unknown Another Person. The Person Himself Does Not Yet Know The Real Nature of the Rare Disease.
“The Aisai That Be Violated by A – – Strange Man Not to Announce, But There Is Not The Awareness.” In Koto Letting Treatment (Intravaginal Ejaculation Sex) Be PopUlar With Letting I Do Not Notify The Person Himself and Sleep with Medicine. When IT IS Shiro, The Chihiro Which Consciousness Assumes Light-Headedness Sems to Mistake The Man of the Partner. A BODY BECOMING SENSITIVE BEGINS TO BE CHARGED WITH HEAT IN A SIDE EFFECT OF THE MEDICINE. A Figure of the Chihiro Which I Continue Exposing Foolery To with Being Absorbed in Enjoying ItSelf, And Mistaking The Man of the Partner for a Husband. Merciless Intravaginal Ejaculatory Continuation by Another Person. SHIRO COULDN’T BUT MERELY Watch IT Watchout Missing One, The Eyes In A Monitor Room.
The Chihiro Smiles AT Shiro As Usual If I Return to Nichijou. Repeat The Top With Sperm of The Other Man with Assuming It Light-Headedness If Be Cured.
The Days When A Beloved Wife Is Dartied Without AwaRebess by Another Person. WHEN THINK OF CHIHIRO REGAINING HEALTH AT EVERY TREATMENT,
STOP TREATMENT, AND DO NOT GO EITER, ONLY ANGER AND A FEELING OF INEFFECTUALNESS ONLY INCREASE. A Treatment Regimen to Escalate. The Creampie Man Getting In The Swing Begins to Require It to Unnecessary Play for Treatment. ‘Joke Runa!’ With The Action That Shiro Who Gave Vent to Feelings At Last Took ……?
“- – Pleasure, Violence, Fear to Announce.” A Wife IS Cut Out by Every Method Two People Who Decided Treatment to Notify Chihiro, and to Talk, and to Have A Long It Even Slightly and to Be Together. But What Was Chosen By A Treatment Partner …… “Geek” Of The Cherry Boy Which I Am Insensitive in Dirtiness, and Is Ugly. Young, Refreshing Good Young Man Or Omoi Breath, “The Floor Left Side of the Stage”That I Let A Woman Have Yoga Ri Upset and Am Going to Cut Out If Things Go Well. Finally A Straitlaced Person Can See At A Glance Middle Toshio Who Stayed, Unfair Means and the Worst” Hooligan “Who Play with A Woman by Violence . BECAUSE OF A RARE BLOOD TYPE, IT IS SAID THIS THIS IS NOT THE CANDIDATE EXCEPT THIS.KIMOOTA OR AECHNICIAN OR A HOOLIGAN. EVEN IF Choose Anyone; Hell! However, The Chihiro Dies If I Do Not Choose You! -Hcg games


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