[231.5 MB] Hypnotized Girl / Saimin Kanojo / Girl (Black Lilith, Lilith Soft) [Cen] [2006., Adventure, School, Mystic, Hypnosis] [jap]

催眠 / Hypnotized Girl / Saimin Kanojo / Exchange Girl – Year of production: 2006 Genre: Adventure, School, Mystic, VN-censorship: There is a game – Developer: Black Lilith
Publisher: Lilith Soft– Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required – Language: Japanese
Type of translation: Text and sound Original
Interface language: Japanese — System Requirements: [ 123] OS: WINME / 2000 / XP
CPU: PentiumIII 500 MHz
Resolution: 800 x 600 s Description: – RUSSIAN:
Fully unrealistic terrible sexy story that can occur in the real world. Your future is in your hands !!!
– Consider Heroine during hypnosis !!
Heroine Eriri is a smart class presidency (Tsundere), and in love with his boyfriend. She is POS.La with him on the second base, and there is a plan for a trip to a hot source. She will definitely have his first experience at night !!!!!
No matter what it takes, I have to take it !!!!
A wide range of sexual situations, etc. – in English: [123 ] A TOTALLY UNREALISTIC HARDCORE SEX STORY THAT TAKES PLACE IN THE REAL WORLD. Your Future Is In Your Hands !!!
– Abduct The Heroine During Hypnosis !!
The Heroine Eriri Is a Smart Class President (Tsundere), and Madly in Love with Her Boyfriend. She Went To Second Base with Him, and Have a Plan for a Hot Spring Trip. She Will Definitely Have Her First Sex On The Night !!!!!
No Matter What It Takes, I Need to Take Her Back !!!!
A Wide Range of Sexual Situations and Exciting Elaborate Plot! – . Information: -Igra putNot through the AppLocale and directly run the exhalation file directly after the jump and put the game. After installation, it will only need AppLocale to start the game !!! – Save 100% included in the distribution! Just copy it to the game folder with the replacement of files and all galleries are open !!! – information on Japanese: Getchu
Information in English: dlsite
off. Pages: Suimin Kanojo
Developer’s website: Black Lilith
Publisher Website: Lilith Soft Screenshots: –