[241.3 MB] Guentai Manga Translations from Invisible [RUS]

Translations of Hentai Manga from invisible / Hentai Manga Rus by Nevidimka
Genre: Hentai Manga
Format :.jpg
Description: Here the archive of all my manga transfers (hand drawn hentai) is collected.
This 45 works are common The volume of about 1500 sheets.
It includes the most rating translations of the RU-NETT, such as Take On Me, Onlyaska, A, Mosou Diary Part, and much more.
MNU confused, but 6 out of 10 hit manga Runet were My (or 11 out of 20)
At the same time, the archives laid out here differ from those published on Nude Mun and other sites. These are the author’s versions in the maximum source (not rude) quality.
List of manga: