[3.34 GB] Mesu Kyoushi 3 ~ INETSU NO GAKUSHA ~ / Class teacher 3 (Bishop) [Cen] [2013, Harem, Pregnant, Defloration] [jap]

-Mesu Kyoushi 3 ~ INETSU NO GAKUSHA ~
牝 教師 3 ~ 淫悦 の の ~
Class teacher 3-year release: 2013
Release Date: 2013/04/26
Genre: Harem, Pregnant, Defloration, Lactation, Bondage, Toys, Teacher, Big Breasts, Oral Sex, Paizuri, Virgin, Anal, Rape, Group, Maid, Pantyhose, Yuri, Mind Break, Bukkake
Censorship: There is in the game (Games) Distribution
Developer / Publisher: Bishop
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Tabletka: Not required
Game Language: Japanese
System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium4, Core2DUO
RAM: 256MB, Vista 512MB, 7/8 1GB
HDD: 4.3GB Description: While State That Does Not Even Know His Or Her Identity, Partly Follow The School, Including the Children of Light Yoshii Teacher, Hero of Memory Loss, HAD SPENT WITHOUT INCONVENIENCE.
HOWEVER, I FELT THE EMPTIness That Will Not Not Can Have Hopes And Dreams Probably Because There Is No Memory, to Clan to Anything.
And by Some Freak Coincidence, To Know That This Is That I Lose the Memory in the Wake Of A Certain Incident, It HAPPENED IN THE SCHOOL, AS A WASTE OF TIME OF DAY-TO-DAY BORING, AND START EXPLORING THINGS THAT INCIDENT.
Order to Obtain The Evidence, Sneak Into The Staff Room At Night, However, It Will Be Found to Light Child.
The Confessed Feelings To Light Blame Yourself, Hero Will Not Withstand The Day-to-Day Empty, to Cross-Examination ABOUT THE INCIDENT AGAIN.
But It Was The Accused Hero by Ejecting Toil To Homeroom Hero Light Child Also Frenzied, Became A Memory Loss.
IT IS Motivated by A Lust Shigyaku You Come Bubbling Up Strongly From The Depths of THe Heart, Hero Who Knew The Real Intensit Her.
Intense Impulse Obtained for The First Time Since Losing The Memory, Hero Got Pleasure and Excitement, Find What Joy Thus Commit The Woman and It The Essence of their Own Had Been Lost.
and, Was Begin to Move to the Dictates of Desire Woke Up, Woman Teachers of Other and I’ll Commit Miserably In The Same Way As Light Child –hcg Games
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