[3.65 GB] Detective Agency “Bright-Eyed Bug” – Anthology / Detective Agency “Shuster Bug” – Anthology (Macho Studio) [UNCEN] [2006-2008, SLG, ADV, Yuri, Lesbians, Straight] [RUS]

Detective Agency “Bright-Eyed Bug” – Anthology / Detective Agency “Shuster Bug” – Anthology-Year of production: 2006-2008
Genre: Date-Sim, Adventure, Yuri, Lesbians, Straight
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Macho Studio
Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Region: PAL
Disc type: 2x CD [123 ] Language: Russian
Translation type: text and sound In this language (original)
Interface language: Russian
System requirements:
Windows 2000 SP4 / XP SP1;
Pentium III 1000 MHz; 256 MB of RAM;
GeForce 3 64 MB (except GeForce 4 MX);
DirectX – compatible sound card; DirectX 9.0c;
CD-ROM 8 – Detective Agency “Shuster Bug”: Case about collapsed collar release: 2006
There is something more interesting in the profession of a private detective than searching evidence and endless surveys of witnesses. Especially when an impressive young man of loose views is taken for the case – seeing a detective and a subtle connoisseur of the beauty of the female body. Its work pleases the eye and the soul, because the circle of suspects includes only charming girls, and he himself turns out to be in very spicy situations … The hero has to see how the bathroom is not living in the bath, whose luxury forms barely hides soap foam, play With a girlfriend, browse in the card for stripping, watch, as trying to the billiard table, a pretty maid in an indecently short dress …

    An exciting intrigue of investigation and charming heroines

  1. [123 ] 8 game levels from the originalLion riddles
  2. 4 of the beauties with whom will have to deal with the Eugene
  3. story, tasks and dialogs are filled with ironic humor
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