[4.33 GB] Cambrian / Cambridge (JapanNeMe) (EP. 1-2 of 2) [UNCEN] [2005, Parasites, Rape, Tentacles, 2xDVD5] [JAP / ENG]

– カンブリアン | Cambrian | Cambridges-
Year of release: 2005
Country: Japan-Genre: Parasites, Rape, Sex, Tentacles
Duration:> 2 ep. For 30 min.-subtitles:

  1. English

Censorship: None Studio: JapananMe-Description:
Professor, expelled from the scientific community for forbidden experiments, wishes Repeat the Cambrian period (the period of active mutations and the development of living organisms) in modern conditions. From the completed theory proceeds to practice, for which rapes and through this infects a former student (and now Dr. Laboratory) with their mutated genes. A laboratory label in love with a lovely, she also has a boyfriend. Laboratory assistant helped her get out of the professor. During sex, her guy is also infected. And, hinged to the laboratory, decides both to peel, butmoderately moderate. The guy helps the Potaskuha – a rival (at work and in personal life) of the doctors. The guy catches, tortures, rapes a doctor, but she mutters, his boyfriend is dismissed and kills the boyfriend. Doctor asks a laboratory assistant – whether he is ready to accept it, he agrees. © Wild_Russian Information Links: Anidb || MAL || World Art || HentaiMag-source: DVD-5
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