[3.9 GB] Duelist Engage (Praline / Will & Praline) [2011, Visual Novel Duel, Action Adventure, Romance, Arranged Marriage] [JAP]

-Duelist ENGAGE / デュエリスト × エンゲージ -Duelist release: 2011
Genre: Visual Novel Duel, Action Adventure, Romance, Arranged Marriage
Censorship: There is in the game (games) Distribution-developer / Publisher: Preline / Will & Praline
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: License
Tabletka: Not required
Game Language: Japanese
Interface Language: Japanese
Voice Language: Japanese System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Intel Pentium IV
Video Card: 512 MB
Hard Disk: 4.0 GB
Screen resolution: from 800×600 to 1280×1024
Xbox Controller for Windows, If there is a VNDB
Official site
Walkthrough: desertrain.sakura.ne.jp / detectiveboys8553.blog
Opening @ YouTube Description: Shidou Yukito’s Mornings Are Always Busy. Waking up beforE The Sun Rises, Battling Against The Cold Air and Temptations to Go Back to Sleep, Every Second Is Socle Valuable to Waste. FIRST UP: Breakfast. Estimated Time Required: Roughly 5 Minutes.
“Ohayo, Yu-Kun … ZZZZZ”
Shidou Tomoe, Despite The Young Look, Is Yukito’s Mother.
“UAHHHH. There’s Carrots in this Tamagoyaki. “
… and Despite Being A Mother, She Is Quite the Child.
” No Likes and Dislikes on Food. I’Ve Cooked IT WITH A BIT OF SUGAR SO THAT EVEN MOM CAN EAT IT. “
STEP 2, Open Café Soliel. Connected Through Our Doorway IS A Coffee Shop That Tomoe Manages. After checking SuppLies for the day and the food prepared from Last Night, Yukito Leaves The Shop and Journeys to Next Door.
“Sorry for the interusion.”
The Third and Fourth Task in the Morning Is to Wake Up andPrepare Breakfast for His Osananajimi, Makino Monoka.
“Mona, Wake Up!”
“Mmmm, Breakfast … Hamburger … .with Domi … Domimi? Something Like That Sauce Would be Good. “
” Domi Gras Sauce. “
” Yep, That’s IT! “
Reacting to the name, Slowly Awakes.
Chased out of the room, Yukito Proceeds to Finish The Final Part of His Daily Morning Routine.
A Regular Day, Regular People, And Monaka’s Regularly Forgotten Bento, Yukito Is Content WITH His Peaceful Normal Life. That Is, Until His Estranged Father Died.
Out Of The Blue, A Woman Who Claims to Be Him Of A Tremendous Debt His Father Has Left Behind With His Legacy and Wants Yukito to Succeed in His Place or Else Café Soliel, Along With their House, Will Be SubjecT to Bankruptcy Claims. A DEBT THAT CANT BE CLEARED IN ANY REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME, LET ALONE THE DEADLINE IS IN LESS THAN A YEAR, YUKITO’S ONLY CHOICE IS TO MARRY HIS FIANCE From The Far Europe Corangrane Kingdom, A Despendant from the Noble Soliel Family. And That Fiance Is Coming To Meet Him Tommorow.
And as if That Wasn’t Enough, The First Words COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH WAS:
“SO You Are My Fiance. Enguarde! “
Will Yukito BE Alright? The Fiery Duels Between Unshakable Wills Over Marriage, The Battle Royale Has Begun! POOT. Information: The game is attached to the game itself in MDS format and passing
Note: First of all, this game was hard to download, barely merged with a torrent at a speed of about 15 kb / s; Secondly, since I am a romantic, I added this game Arranged Marriage genre, combinedASNO VNDB.
Note! For this game, you need Agth code, here it is: / HA-1C @ 415C49, and that the translation went fine in the game in the settings text to maximum must be put, I advise you to use the program for the translation of Chiitrans (google and find, if you do not have this program)