[401.9 MB] The Witch-Hunting Knight / Majo Gari No Kishi ~ Jinkaku Teni No Ori ~ / DL Version (DL Version) (Black Lilith, Lilith Soft) [CEN] [2007, Adventure, Big Breast, Tentacles , INCEST, WARRIOR, VN] [JAP]

魔女 狩り の 騎士 騎士 ~ 格 格 格 の 檻 ~ ~ 狩り 狩り の の の の の の 騎士 騎士 騎士 の の の の の の の の の の の の の の の 騎士 ~ ~ Jinkaku Teni No Ori ~ / Knight Witch Hunting — Year of production: 2007 Genre: Adventure, Big Breast, Tentacles , INCEST, WARRIOR, VN-censorship: is in the game developer: | Black Lilith
Publisher: Lilith Soft Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese
Translation type: Text and Sound Original [123 ] Interface language: Japanese system requirements:
OS: Win2000 / ME / XP / Vista
CPU: PentiumIIII 500 MHz
RAM: 64MB / 256MB
Resolution: 800 * 600
DirectX: 7.0 and above – Description: – In Russian: the witches learned to be unprecedented throughout the empire. The work of Aria Maryann is just a witch hunt, she is one of 16 knights surrounded by the emperor. She is long timeI am fighting with witches until the situation falls into without a weekend …. what will be with Aria and her brother Siril? — in English: