[46.61 GB] ComplexTree CollectionCollection of works by ComplexTree (ComplexTree)

Download [ART] ComplexTree Collection Collection of ComplexTree works (ComplexTree) [Furry, Yiff, Solo, Pregnant, Lactation, Big Tits, Big Ass] [JPG PNG GIF] [eng] torrent.

[46.61 GB] [ART] ComplexTree CollectionCollection of works ComplexTree (ComplexTree) [Furry, Yiff, Solo, Pregnant, Lactation, Big Tits, Big Ass] [JPG PNG GIF] [eng]
ComplexTree Collection / Collection of works ComplexTree
Author: ComplexTree
Publisher website: Patreon, itch.io
Distribution type: ART
Genre: Furry, Yiff, Solo, Pregnant, Lactation, Big Tits, Big Ass
Language: English
Image resolution: 1116×1280~2500×3500
Number of files: Including variations: 7690.
Description: Compilation of ComplexTree works from various sources. If possible, sorted by year, duplicates removed, preserving the best versions, supplemented with versions from other sources.
Some packs are not complete, they are marked as Not Full. I’m also looking for access to Hi-res Vault, where there are arts that are not included in the packs.
I’m warning you right away, 7690 files are fake. This guy produced 7-9 pieces of art per month, but each contained 12-20 variations + a clipping without a background. For you to realizehow crazy it is, this art:

has 144 versions. I’m not kidding, there are 72 versions with backgrounds and the same number without backgrounds. Apart from 2020-2021, when he did not yet have such impudence, then in fact in the examples 99% of the art. Draw your own conclusions.
I didn’t really want to collect it, but when Gumroad “died” most of its packs were merged. This guy was so confused that he didn’t leave copies of his packs anywhere, but only links to the MEGA and pCloud clouds.
That’s why even the packs were actually just links so that he could break the thread at any moment. The links that were on kemono no longer work.
At the same time, he was so full of money pumping that the packs did not even contain all the monthly art. Some of it is still in the subscription storage, but even there there is no custom art. He gives out a limited number of them upon request, no more than five pieces per month!
He also splits the packs into two parts, the first part is in his post on Patreon, but he sends the second to DM. And for each whole such pack he sweatsom asks 8 dead American presidents + the same amount for access to his storage on Patreon.
It was necessary to be so tired of releasing such hack work. A real elusive Joe with art on the level of Talzkim-a.
But he forgot the main thing – Joe is elusive primarily because no one fucking needs him. And one idiot who needed him was finally found.
Can you imagine this guy’s face when he finds out about the existence of an unlimited 100% discount on most of the itch.io store with a bonus from the distributor?
Additional. information: Sources:
Distribution with sketches and time-lapses.