[475 MB] Wife Slaves Cafe 2 / Hitozuma Dorei Kissa 2 / Women’s Women 2 (Black Lilith, Lilith Soft) [CEN] [2003, Adventure, Big Breast, Wife, VN] [jap]

人 妻 奴隷 喫 喫 2 / Wife Slaves Cafe 2 / Hitozuma Dorei Kissa 2 / Women’s wife 2-year production: 2003 Genre: Adventure, Big Breast, Wife, VN-censorship: There is a game – Developer: Black Lilith [123 ] Publisher: Lilith Soft – Platform: PC / Windows
Type of publication: Modified (pirate)
Tabletka: presence-language: Japanese
Type of translation: text and sound Original
Interface language: Japanese System Requirements:
OS: Win98 / 2000 / ME / XP
CPU: Celeron 333 MHz
RAM: 64MB / 128MB
Resolution: 640 * 480
DirectX: 7.0 and above-description: -The cafe three students devoured a female body of married aoi.
Then this Trinity began to create irresponsible things above their school Older Kana Kaori Jinnai. When seeing it in a cafe, they begin to manipulate them at their request, and Kane Cory is nothing andDo not be left to obey ….- add. Information:
The game itself + patch itself in distribution. So after downloading you can run. There is also a hurry in which additional information. All this is in Japanese.
Run the game through AppLocale and only so. The game is old but tested on XP SP2.-Information on Japanese: Getchu
Information in English: —– Lishes ——
Off. Pages: Hitozuma Dorei Kissa 2
Developer Website: Black Lilith
Website Publisher: Lilith Soft-
First part of the game You can download: Wife Slaves Cafe 1 / Hitozuma Dorei Kissa 1 / Women’s wife 1 [123 ] –