[547.8 MB] WAN-KURI / One-CLI / Unusual doggy girl (Necocoya, Onion Tail) [Cen] [2008, Flash, Arcade] [JAP]

-Wan-Kuri / One-CLI / Unusual girl release girl: 2008
Genre: Flash, Arcade
Developer: Necocoya
Publisher: Onion Tail
OC: Windows XP / Windows Vista [ 123] System Requirements: Pentium IV 1800MHz, RAM 512-1024MB, Adobe Flash Player 9
Publication Type: License
Translation: None (Japanese)
Tabletka: Not required
Censorship: Available: You are the main character, seemingly living in the Chernobyl area, somehow you find a strange creature to a dog-dog (though her ears are more like two sausages). Then you enter confidence in her and pick up your home. Here you live with her, she is doing homemade. But as a man, you want a female body and rushed …
The game is kind of original, you will need to be fullyIn valuable sex, first oh how much to do. Work on her breasts, remember it, work the tongue. If you are too exhaust and you will immediately throw it on it, then it may be resistive and will not let you grow her blouse, dilute legs. To open the following scenes, you will need to quietly sneak into it, or take one scene several times (at once, we will work the tongue, in the other, you touch her panties). Having improved the girl of one of the “Coriforok” (for example “1”), opened actions “Nigal 2”, in general, try.
The girl by the way is very strange however … they write loli, and the buns of her own And goes in school sports form … I see the Japanese schoolgirl fell into Chernobyl and mutated.