[589.8 MB] [COMIX] adult comics / treason … or does the lavak marriage strengthen? (DREW BRAS, IIIAJIABA, DEDKA, STIMMETES) [UNCEN] [NTR, ALL Sex] [jpg] [rus]

-Adult comics / treason … or whether laver marriage is strengthened?
Translator: Paint, Drew Bras, Dedka, Shish, Stimmtes
Distribution type: COMIX
censorship: missing
Genre: NTR, All Sex, Treason
Language: Russian
Page Resolution: “From 688 * 1180 to 1155 * 1600”
Number of pages: 2408
Format: JPG, GIF
Description: Married infidelity is always considered as Family drama, which in the depths of the soul, everyone reacts in different ways. Ajulter is a danger that is subject to, among others, even Christian couples, swear in loyalty to the coffin before the altar. Unfortunately, the brutal statistics inexorably suggests that only chosen units remain faithful to this oath.
Well, what … I wander it on your own …
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