[749.5 MB] 7 SINS (Monte Cristo, Digital Jesters) [Cen] [2005, 3D, Arcade, ADV] [RUS]

7 SinSery Production: 2005
Genre: 3D, Arcade, Adventure
Censorship: Present (examples on screens)
Developer: Monte Cristo
Publisher: Digital Jesters
Platform: Windows [123 ] Publication Type: Modified
Tabletka: Presence
Language: Russian (Text / Interface)
System Requirements:
Processor: Pentium IV 1.3 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Video Card : 64 MB (DX 9.0)
HDD: 750 MBOPLE: Apple City – the city of the dream of a dream, the capital of power, the cradle of all human sins. A real magnet for large deltsov, show-business stars and other thick-welfares with their seductive girlfriends. And if fate led you here, do not miss your chance quickly and easily embarrassed into people. Exhaust for each skirt, do not miss a single pretty thumbnail, led my wifeShek at his uncompressed neighbors, in order to enhance this Casanova. Beauty, you can get not only pleasure, but also valuable information
■ Yes of the Glory and Success for 60 episodes in 7 chapters
■ Flux, rub in trust, deceive the information, do not bend violence – for the sake of achievement all Means are good! There is nothing to cut in the game, the size is less due to the intelligence of the image.
Patches from the English and French version are not suitable!