[79.7 MB] [COMIX] Artist Herault Kevin (TRANTKAT). Comic selection [ENG, FR]

Artist Herault Kevin (TRantkat). Comic Collection – Language: English, French
File format: jpg
Topic: Hand drawn erotic, Furnry
Quantity: 3 comics, Sketches – 283 files
Resolution: Most of 1100×1500
On the author: (Born 9/3/1974, France) Pested Mang, Kévin Hérault debuted with the comics ‘Godsend’ and ‘Otaku-Circus’ in Tsunami. He began his futuristic series of science fiction ‘h.k’. At the age of 21, under the pseudonyms of Jean-David Morvan and TRantkat, but starting from the fourth album ‘H.k’. He began to subscribe to his own name.
Author’s site: http://www.serdec.com/trantkat/
From myself: I found only one entirely prone comic of this author – “AGAPE”. But in Him, he also pulled a full coil – a very cool comic. Found S.Ketchi also please. Unfortunately in Furry-comic “Tutti Frutti” erotica almost not .- – –