Cradle Epic \u0026#8213; \u0026#23019; \u0026#39438; \u0026#22763; \u0026#12398; \u0026#38360; \u0026#25216; \u0026#22580;/ Cradle Epic \u0026#8213;Rich] [rus+jap]

Cradle Epic \u0026#8213; \u0026#23019; \u0026#39438; \u0026#22763; \u0026#12398; \u0026#38360; \u0026#25216; \u0026#22580;/ Cradle Epic \u0026#8213;Himekishi No Togiba / Cradle Epic – Warrior Princess Arena
year of release: no later than 2019
Genre: ADV, Female Protagonist, BDSM, Bondage, Restraint, Slave Training, Haram, yuri, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romance, romanStory Rich
Censorship: absent/there is a patch for deleting
Developer/Publisher: Naglfar
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition type: Pirate (unofficial)
Language of the game (plot): Russian
Interface language: Russian+Japanese
voice acting language: Japanese
System requirements: OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4
Graphics: 1024×768 Screen Resolution
Hard Space: 600 MB HDD
Description: Since the Revolution for Women’s Rights Thousand years ago, the force of three princesses, founded on the strength of women:
The highest priesthood, the highest faith.They say that the Queen of the Sun was chosen by the gods forever, at TsRquyu’s at their disposal is the most powerful heavy cavalry, and is the most powerful on all continents.
Sovereign, solid loyalty.The strong and invincible infantry corps of the astral kingdom, the absolute ruler of which is the astral queen, is called a shield of a lullaby continent.
The honor of a citizen, the honor of the hero.With the parliament of 7 people consisting of 7 supreme magistrates, the Federation of the Dark Moon is proud of this, and can boast of alchemy and powder technologies.
Although friction arises between three large powers from time to time, there is generally good competition and tendency to overall development
However, in the 340th year of the Lullaby calendar, the calmness of the cradle was violated by foreign force from the north.It was the appearance of the witching church.
They came from the distant world of demons.In the world of demons, the great god of demons Mofist united and brutally ruled.Then the Church of the Witches rebelled, but was defeated …
the great sage neitherThe KS, the older sister of the great god of the demons and the supreme leader of the witching church, left the world of demons with them and decided to look for a new place for life.
The Church of Foreign Witches made a full -scale invasion of the cradle.The witches and the princesses have been fighting for 200 years. The parties have invested a huge amount of military power and once became enemies for several generations.
After 526 years of the stories of the cradle, another powerful force landed here.Nemesis of the witches, Daymajin, who also came from the world of demons, and her army pursued them.Cruel Jin, not disassembling, attacks witches and knight princesses, trying to destroy the cradle.The whole cradle faced the threat of destruction.
against the common enemy of the witch and the princess, who are long-standing enemies, are forced to form an alliance and work together in order to resist the invasion of Daimajin.The allied troops entered the tragic decisive battle with the army of demons and suffered huge losses.
The war was over.The indigenous people of the continentAnd the demons won the longing for freedom.
But the war never ended forever.When Lilith, the head of the Witches Council, said: “I cannot stop mocking the princes knights” in front of them, the new “war” has already begun.However, this time the format was a little different.
They entered into a “military” agreement in which both sides of the war were fully protected.Weapons and magic used in the war by both sides have passed special processing, so that the staff would not die either to the parties or will not become disabled when using.
The loser was then taken captive and subjected to various punishments,
and he had either had to eitherWait for the next exchange of prisoners, or run on your own.In addition, both parties will jointly create an arbitration mechanism for the supervision of the implementation of this agreement and will control the wars of both parties so that there are no actions that go beyond the contract.
It should be said that this is no longer a war, but a training of peacetime soldiers.This is their interferenceThe decline of military power is twisted, so that high -ranking officials allowed their pranks.
Both parties always liked to give the loser a tasteless training, so they began to call a big game a training war.