Dead or Netorare on a deserted island [1.0] (rosea navis) [Cen] [2022, Jrpg, NTR, MALE PROTAGONIST CUCKOKOLDRY (NETORARARE), Internal CoMSHOT, COORCION / Compulsion, CONSUAL SEX] [JAP]

Dead or Netorare on a deserted island / \u0026#28961; \u0026#20154; \u0026#23798; \u0026#12391; \u0026#12487; \u0026#12483; \u0026#12489; Or \u0026#12488; \u0026#12521; 12524; / Dead on a uninhabited island or Netorre
year of release: 2022
Date of Release: 2022/07/30
Genre: JRPG, NTR, MALE Protagonis, T Cuckoldry (Netorare), Internal CoMSHOT, COORCION/ COMPULSION, Consual Sex
Censorship: is
developer/publisher: rosea navis
platform: PC/Windows
type of edition: original (licensed)
tablet: not required
version: 1.0 [123 ] The language of the game (plot): Japanese
interface language: Japanese
voice acting language: Japanese
system requirements (minimal): OS: Win 7/8.1/10 | CPU: 2x@2.4 GHZ | RAM: 4 GB | DirectX \u0026#65306; 9.0 | HDD: 0.5 GB
Описание: The main characters were supposed to enjoy a vacation on a southern island during the long summer vacation.
The main character who was washed up on an uninhabited island in an accident
Together with The Main Character’s Girlfriend, \”Shiori\”,
Heading to the Center of the Island in Search of Food, Water, And a Junior Who is Still Missing …