Raven (Tryteens.com) (Aka Aishvariya) Cycled Sex Animation (Lenileni2) [Uncen] [2021, Animation, All Sex, HTML, MP4] [ENG]

Raven (Tryteens.com) (AKA AishVariya) Cycled Sex Animation
Year of release: 2021
Release Date: 2021/12/21
Genre: Animation, All Sex, HTML, MP4
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: LENILENI2
Platform: PC / Windows, Linux, Android
Interface Language: English
Voice Language: English
System Requirements (Minimum): Windows; 40 MB. HDD; HTML support browser
This is a cutting of one roller of one girl,
containing looped fragments with a duration of 1 to 20 seconds.
6 pos. 33 fragments. Format – MP4.
Only one video of the girl is taken, because it has nothing more impressive.
HTML pages are made for quick navigation on the possession,
where you can directly watch videos, even at the same time.
You can also deploy to full screen.
Web interface was needed for looping without pre-setting the player.
The thickness of the framework reflects the number of rollers in the category.
Resolution: 960×540, sometimes less due to cutting. [123 ] Bitrate: 1500 + 70 kbit / s, video AVC codec, audio codec – AAC.
Distribution continues the idea of \u200b\u200bchoosing the best fragments and discarding the rest.