Yu2.33 GBSHRAG SHUZ 1-10 (Studio-Paradise) Yusnyshchi Y2008-2015, Puttzle, Stockings, Fantasy, Eschishche Yuengshch

らぐしゅ / Rag Shoot 1-10
Year of release: 2008-2015
Genre: Puzzle, stockings, Fantasy, Ecchi
censorship: present
Developer / Publisher: Studio-ray (Studio 麗)
Platform: PC / windows98 / WindowsME / Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Language Games: English
Interface language: Japanese
Language of voice acting: English
System requirements (minimum) :: :: CPU CELERON1.5GHZ / CORE2 :: HDD 3GB ::
Description: Playing from Studio-Ray Studio. Shooting in the Universe Ragnarok Online. You need to win women by shooting enemies in the form of elements of her clothes. There are elements of RPGs in the form of pumping abilities.
Add. Information: I made impossible and collected all 10 parts of this game andNow I share with you. Rare and interesting thing.
らぐしゅー Vol1 (2008/07/03)
らぐしゅー Vol2 (2008/08/19)
らぐしゅー !! VOL3 (2008/12/17)
らぐしゅー !!! VOL4 (2009/02/03)
らぐしゅー !!!! VOL5 (2009/06/16)
らぐしゅー !!!!! VOL6 (2009/08/17)
らぐしゅー !!!!!! Vol7 (2009/12/02)
らぐしゅー + Vol8 (2010/01/05)
らぐしゅー ++ Vol9 (2011/01/12)
らぐしゅー 10 (2015/01/30)