[524 MB] FULLANI / Magic Kingdom (LEAF) [CEN] [2006, Various, All Sex, Straight, Large Breasts, Harem, Neko, Gamerip] [JAP]

フル アニ
Magic Kingdom
Country: Japan
Studio: Leaf
Years of release: 2006.07.28
Language: Japanese
Translation: None
Genres: All Sex, Straight, Large Breasts, Harem, Neko
Censorship: Yes
Duration: 1 Episode in 47 MIN-DESCRIPTION: I’ll start with the main thing, there is Neka! .. ^ __ ^ ….. .. Now, about the secondary history:
Once in the evening, zipper falls into the computer cable of our hero. And everything would be fine, but our guy at that time sat behind him and played hentai toy having come to himself, he discovers that he got inside the game – the magical kingdom of beautiful girls. And to get out of there, he needs to go through the plot and seduce them all!
P.S.: This hentai is a supplement to the game of the same name. Quality: GameRip
Format: AVI
Video: WMPV9, 800×600, 1338Kbps
Audio: MP3, 48000HZ, 192KB / S, 2 CH